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Discover Singapore, a city-state in Southeast Asia that is fast becoming one of the world's hottest destinations - drawing both business and leisure travallers.

Its efficient infrastructure, lush streetscapes, and ever-evolving vistas are testament to this energetic cosmopolitan city's ability to turn possibilities into reality.

Take the time and you'd notice neighbourhoods as diverse as the locals that inhabit them. Cultures, nature, food, architecture - whatever you're passionate about, the options are endless.


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If there is one thing that Singaporeans are passionate about, it is food. With an enthusiasm-some say obsession-for local favourites and global flavours alike, discerning gourmands have shaped the city-state's dining scene into the inventive melting pot it is today. From hawker centres and local zichar restaurants, to inventive bars and Michelin-starred restaurants that make their mark on world rankings, Singapore offers a wide variety of options to sink your teeth into and enjoy.



Walk through any of the key shopping districts in Singapore and you'll find luxury labels and international flagship stores alongside up-and-coming home-grown brands. This eclectic mix has earned the country a reputation as a haven for those looking for anything from this season's hottest style to next year's surprise fashion trend.


Where to go

curated itineraries

Singapore may be small-geographically speaking- but this tiny island rewards urban adventurers with myriad experiences to discover, try, buy and savour.

Customise how you'd like to spend your day: a food trail through hawker centres, heritage dining haunts and Michelin-starred restaurants or a shopping excursion to unique local labels and global luxury stores. Our itineraries are specially curated to your passions and interests, even if you have just a day or two to spare.

curated itineraries
Passion tours



Perhaps you prefer delving into experiences that you're passionate about. Think a Feng Shui tour around Singapore's most distinctive landmarks. Maybe even a wet market adventure tour, for a real local experience.

Travel like a local and dive deep into our people, places, and stories, and stamp an indelible memory on your time in Singapore.




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Cultural celebrations, world-class festivals, sporting events: there's always something exciting going on somewhere on the island all year round, so mark your calendars!



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